Jimmy Kimmel Mocks Donald Trump Jr.’s Ridiculous Drool-Stained Camo Gear

There is no one Jimmy Kimmel enjoys messing with more than Donald Trump Jr. Or as he calls him, “DJTJ.”

“Well, hello handsome!” the late-night host exclaimed after revealing the photo of “DJTJ” that the Trump Organization posted this week to promote its new line of camouflage merchandise.

“Some people noticed a stain in the photo, Do you see the stain?” Kimmel asked. “A lot of people said it was here, just under where his chin would be,” he added, making a red circle around the apparent wet spot on the first son’s T-shirt. “But that’s incorrect. The stain is actually here,” he said, circling his whole head. “Right on top of his neck.”

“A camouflage shirt covered in grease stains,” Kimmel said. “You have to admit, they know their customers!”

From there, Kimmel went on to examine some other items from the new line, including a camouflage keychain, “because who doesn’t want to make their keys harder to find?”

There’s also “Rustic Dog Leash” for $40 and a “Rustic Dog Collar” for $38. “That seems like a lot for a dog collar, but as you can see, it fits any sized dog,” Kimmel said, revealing a photo of President Trump with Mike Pence on a leash. “And if you give him a good belly rub, he’ll be your best friend forever.”

“The best part of this big merchandise announcement is the Trump family still isn’t making their crap in America!” the host added. “They still can’t spend the extra two dollars to have their garbage made here.” Kimmel did, however, find one jacket on the site that says it’s “decorated in America.”

“What does that even mean?” he asked. “Does that mean someone in Florida ironed the patch on? I don’t know.”